The Silver Unicorn

This myth is told differently by the Kaenocrats and the Empire. Below is the Kaenocratic version.

In the time when the banes ruled Kadur, Stavvos led the people from one hiding place to the next. Brave men and women scouted the area for banes so that the main body wouldn’t run into them. One such woman was Kaethe. One day as she scouted to the north of the people she saw a legion of banes. She crept closer and found that they hadn’t a clue that the people were so close. So she tried to return quietly but she lost her footing in some dense undergrowth. Going ass over tea-kettle, she made a racket falling down a lengthy hill into a shallow ravine.

The banes now alerted to Kaethe’s presence sent out a squadron of lilitu to capture and interrogate her. She ran as fast as she could away from the camp. However, a human on foot is no match for the speed of a bane. Quickly she found herself in a glade with the lilitu about to descend upon her. She prayed to the Primus a wordless prayer of need and grief.

Hearing a crash, she opened her eyes. Into the glad, ran a horse-like beast with a coat that shone like silver. But where hooves should be, he had claws, where flat teeth should be were fangs, and where his head should be bare a single horn stood. It tore up the earth running straight towards her. Kaethe stood in its path not because she was brave or knew what the creature was. No she stood there in the hopes it would kill her so she wouldn’t give up any information to the lilitu. However rather then impaling the young woman it nuzzles into her body. Bewildered she mounted the creature.

Then the banes broke into the glade. Instead of running the beast ran into their midst. With claws and teath and horn he combated the fowl creatures hunting his rider. Dispite being so far out numbered the unicorn fought bravely and Kaethe helped with her sword. Near by a group of outriders heard the sounds of battle. They helped the two heroes finish off the Lilitu. Then they took the two very wounded fighters back to the people.

The healers tried to tend to Kaethe’s wounds. But she wouldn’t let them help her insisting that they needed to aid her mount. It was only when Stavvos came in and told her that the unicorn was being attended to that she lied down. After that day, Kaethe could call upon the unicorn when ever she choose. And two years later, Saavos made Kaethe his wife.

In the Imperial version of the legend, Keathe didn’t see the unicorn until he nuzzled her. Also the unicorn dies of his wounds and Kaethe does nothing for him. They suggest that is why Stavvos and Kaethe never have children.

The Silver Unicorn

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