Capital of the Kaenocratic Republic

Including the Thalassian Sea Coast, and Vertium Island

Thalassian Sea Coast
The sea coast is tranquil by Kadur standards. The fishing villages and towns see little excitement. While fishing is the mainstay of the economy, the area also produces some rare and expensive dyes. Yuan-Ti have settled in the region and are trying to become civilized. Many Kaenocrats see this as a very hopeful sign. On a negative note, the area does see occasional Annakiim attacks and richer towns are targeted by the Am-Hamayim. The two do not seem to compete and the trouble they cause is mild compared to the rest of Kadur.

This used to be the capital of the Kaenocrats. During the Second Gehinnon War, the Banes sealed up the exits to the city with its inhabitants inside. Then, they burnt it to the ground. The Brothers of the Dead have a monastery at the edge of the ruins. They try to comfort all the dead who still wander the ruins.

Vertium Island
This large volcanic island is heavily populated. The ash provides a rich soil excellent for farming. The island also produces a variety of manufactured goods including glass, cast iron, and fabric. The people here are good natured and industrious but also quite independent. The coast of Vertium sees some Am-Hamayiim attacks but the raiders generally look for easier targets. The same is true of the Annakiim.

Mount Nattas
This is the active volcano that made Vertium Island. It produces small quakes and lava flows. The last major eruption was more then five hundred years ago. Despite the danger, tourists to the island like to go to the caldera to view the hot lava.

Built at the roots of Mt. Nattas, this is the main Orave community in the Kaenocratic Republic. They run a large tufa rock quarry which uses many automata. Their use and manufacture of machines puts them at odds with their northern kinsmen. A few humans live in Quarriton but most find the atmosphere stifling.

Nisos is the capital of the Kaenocrats. It is built slightly inland near the base of Mt. Nattas. Unlike most cities, Nisos was carefully planned and layed out in a grid. The city streets are wide and clean. While quite orderly the people of Nisos retain a sense of individuality.

The Forum
At the center of the city stands a great circular man-made basain. Tiered seating for about five thousand people has been carved into the rocks. Even more amazing are the acoustics which allow a man speaking at the heart of the forum to be heard anywhere in it. It is here that all laws are made and all major political decisions are discussed.

The Shrine of Pelagia
On the road to the Forum stands a huge monolith of obsidian. After her death, the people of Nisos erected this monument to Nisos’s founder and savior of the Kaenocrats.

First Citizen’s House
This unassuming two story home houses the executive branch of the Kaenocratic government. The east wing holds the first citizen’s living quarters. In the west wing, the executive branch does their daily business.

All Intercessors’ Temple
Not far from the Forums, stands a great domed church. Inside are plaques with all those angels and other creatures that plead to the Primus on humanities behalf. The most popular intercessors plaques are decorated with silver, gold and even gems. People seem to find a special kinship with Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Michael.


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