City of Contracts (Fire)

Including The Southern Laural Mountains, Purrhos hills, Anatol Sea Coast, and The Nuns River Valley.

Nun’s River Valley
This slow shallow river is filled with unfriendly creatures including stone ’gators, basalisks, and rot vine. However the minerals including gold and gems that wash into it from the heart of the Laural Mountains entice many prospectors. All of them dream of a rich strike but most only find enough keep themselves in liqour and food. Rumors persist that there is a tear in the veil along the river that leads directly to Gan Aiden.

Anatole Sea Coast
With temperate waters, this sea coast is home to numerous fishing villages. Fishermen Have to be on the lookout for leviathan and sea serpents but the bountiful hauls make up for the danger. Along the northern coast there has been reports of banes. Currently they seem to content themselves to stealing crops and killing wayward travelers.

Purrhos Hills
This area has mostly been left to the wilderness because of the Gnostic ruins on the plataues. Unlike most ancient sites, the automata are very active in keeping people away. Security drones patrol around cities dead for thousands of years. Recently the banes have begun building a fort atop one of the unoccupied hills.

Southern Laural Mountains
The Southern Laural Mountains are dotted with volcanoes. Due to all the built up ash, the soil is extremely fertile. Numerous towns and farms take advantage of the good soil despite the dangers the volcanoes present. Also the area boasts a number of mines and quarries.

Mount Horesh
Mount Horesh is the largest volcano int he Laural Mountains. Fourteen years ago, it erupted sending lava into Netzach. Shortly after, five young fire elementals took up residency in its hospitable caldera.



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