City of the Dead (earth)

Including Winter’s Home, Badlands, Krystal Hills, and Last Stand

The badlands are a shadow desert. Being extremely north, it is cold and barren all year long. Those dumb enough to travel into it find no shelter from the harsh conditions. In recent years, travelers around the outskirts have seen strange undead creatures. It’s not known if these creatures are banes or something else.

Winter’s Home
Winter’s home enjoys a cold short growing season and a long winter. The region also suffers from poor soil and erosion problems. Few people choose to live in such a challenging area. Those that do are hard determined people. Winter’s Home has always had major problems with the fae especially in winter. Ice wolves, wisps and other creatures hunt men with abandon. The only important site is Heiropolis.

Heiropolis is a mixture of ancient Gnostic ruins and shrine. In the middle of the site stands two thirty foot Cenotaphs in honor of St. Heiremias and St. Heironymos. A small group of monks tends to the shrines.

Krystal Hills
These mineral rich hills are dotted with mines which produce mostly precious and semi precious stones. Fae are often attracted by the “shiny rocks” which they try to aquire through any means available. The people of the region are a hardy and somewhat rowdy lot. They work hard and they play hard. Every settlement has a large inn that supplies the residents with liquor and loose women.

The Womb
To the east of Malkut is a cave system sacred to the Orave. According to their legends, it’s where their race came from. There they slept until awoken by the Primus’s screams of pain. The caves are rumored to have many manufactured and natural treasures. However the Orave protect the caves zealously.

Malkut is a busy city full of artisans and other craftsman. Vibrant and lively, the place is full of commerce despite its remote location. Just about any kind of artisan can be found there. Many of the city’s inhabitants especially the merchants fear Ashmodai’s armies will strike Malkut next. Banes are already making the roads nearby treacherous. The patriarch has appealed to the emperor for aid but his forces are concentrating on Keter. A squad of Golden Knights have tried to make the roads safe but they are two few to halt the attacks on the caravans.

St. Ranith’s College
Located in the heart of Malkut, St. Ranith’s is dedicated to golden necroancy and the soothing of the dead. Despite it being only a block from the main market, it boasts the largest cenotaph field in Kadur. The college has a strange stillness about it like the eye of a hurricane. Many non-students come to relax in the rock and sand gardens, part of the memorial field.

Guild Halls
Most guilds in Kadur have at least a hall in Malkut. About 75% of them, have their main guildhall in the city. The halls are in the opposite direction from St. Ranith’s and form a noisy bustling counter point to the colleges calm. Each guildhall tries to out do it’s neighbors in decoration and splendor while showcasing its specialty.

Malkut Temple
The temple is sunk completely into the earth. Only its enormous agate dome and enamel tiled roofs break the surface. Opposite the main chapel, is a large circular room with niches representing all of the professions and their guardian angel. In the center of the circular main chapel is a great stone altar. The chapel’s floor is covered with a great stone mosaic of the son and moon. Prayers and songs are sung constantly to sooth the dead of Kadur. It is here that important people to the empire such as the emperor and patriarchs have their memorial service when they die.


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