Port City of the Kaenocratic Republic.

Including Baal’s Body and Safos Forest.

Safos Forest
Evil permates this old, think forest. Despite the taint, the fertile soil draws many farmers to this area. However it also causes the people who live here to be paranoid and aggressive. Much blood is shed over trivial matters. Both in Biblos and in Kokama, Sages are working to find a way to banish the evil but so far have failed to find a solution. Settlements are limited to extended family farms as even relatives have trouble living together never mind strangers.

Baal’s Body
This region gets its name from the great white stones that jut out from the hills. They resemble the spine of some great beast. According to legend, they are the petrified bones of a dragon buried here before the Gnostics. The worst of the fighting during the Second Gehinnon War was here. The hills are littered with graves and cenotaphs. However there are remarkably few undead.

The final battle of the Second Gehinnon War was fought in the town of P’tzarbrek. All that remains now is the burnt out remains of more then a hundred buildings. At the center, the survivors of the war erected a large three sided megalith. On it is written, “In the memory of Malacai and all those who died to save Kadur” in Lagos, Rhimas, and Davarim.

Known for it’s efficient harbor, Limud is the main trade center for the Kaenocrats. The eastern half of the city was destroyed in the Second Gehinnon War and was subsequently rebuilt. This created an old and new city divided by the Thesa River. On the east bank, the new city is the main business area. It has broad airy boulevards, beautiful plazas, and a logical layout. The old city is home to the poor, the criminals, and pirates.

Cat’s Craddle
Just opposite the main docks, this area caters to man’s baser needs. Anything can be bought here for a price. Most come here for alcohol, gambling, and whores. The guard only come here to get their bribes to look the other way. Every few years, the city council announces they are going to crack down on the vice but nothing ever comes of it.

High Gate Bridge
This enourmous draw bridge connects the old and new city. The main section of the bridge is raised and lowered with automata based on Gnostic designs. Each side has a giagantic gate tower almost 200 feet tall.

Junk town
To the south west of town is a large number of junks and barges tied together to create a floating town. The poorest of the poor live here. People with no other home or place to call their own. They work whatever menial jobs they can find in the city and then take refuge in the shanties built on the boats. One might expect this to have a large amount of crime. But quite to the contrary it is almost crime free.

Limud Docks
The highly efficient and organized docks are the pride of Limud and of the Kaenocrats. The harbor master and the guard are very watchful for vice and theft. Those who try anything untoward find themselves quickly carted away to the jail. The workers are well trained and proud of their positions. Most are from families who have worked the docks for generations.


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