The High Temple City (Air)

Including Eskatos Hills and the Northern Laural Mountains

Eskatos Hills
The barren hills remain covered in snow for most of the year. The growing season is too short for any kind of agriculture. However a number of seasonal hunting camps pop up here and there. The men and women who choose to hunt up here are either fool hearty or very brave since the area is practically over run with malicious Fae.

Northern Laural Mountains
The northern Laural Mountains are also a harsh environment. The peaks are covered in snow year round. On the other hand, the valleys do have some farms despite the short growing season. The people who live here defend their homes fiercely against the many dangers. They have problems with ice wolves, will o’wisps, and until recently were raided by Nakri. In the last few years, Ashmodai’s bane forces have started pillaging the area. They have completely blocked off the road to Keter.

Orave Villages Throughout the mountains the Orave have dug homes into the rock. The homes are not at all cave like. Instead they are mater pieces of stone masonry with much ornamentation. Near their homes, the Orave have terraced the mountainsides to provide more farmland.

Keter is located on the Laev plateau between the Brother Mountains. It was the first temple city built to be aligned with the Kesser. As with most of the Laural Mountains, the city is cold most of the year and sees quite a bit of snow fall. The city is built of cold stately stone. The people too are cold and distant giving the whole city a somewhat represive atmosphere.

The High Temple
Situated at the very heart of the city, the dome of the high temple seems to float above the city. It is supported by pure white marble columns and walls made of clear quartz. Records state that it was the Orave who built the temple though some scholars argue against this. At the temple’s center is an empty crystal thrown. One or more priests is always at it’s foot chanting prayers to the Primus. Off the main chapel are nine side chapels one for each of the Primus’s attributes.

Palace of the Patriarch
Directly across form the High Temple is the administrative center for the True Church of Kadur and home of the patriarch. Its white marble halls and covered walks are opulent. Only the highest church officials and their servants are allowed inside.

Magi Registry
In a small squat building at the northeast corner of the Place of the Patriach is the registry. All witches, wizards, necormancers, and invokers must redister here. Its plain facade makes it stand out against the palace like a pimple on a nose.

The Black Covent
On the edge of Keter is a convent of cloistered nuns made of black stone. Attached to it is a hospice for unwed mothers. The nuns zealously protect their privacy and the privacy of the mothers who stay with them. In keeping with their vows of seclusion, only the patriarch may enter the convent proper. The order only accepts young children to join their order. To keep their order flourishing, the nuns encourage the mothers they take care of to leave their babies with the order.

Mamluks Hall
Almost directly opposite the Black Convent on the outskirts of town is the head quarters for the mamluks. The complex of plain buildings lack ornamentation. They include barracks, an armory, practice salle and a private chapel.


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