City of Magi (fire)

including the Pierrot Desert, PPallas Mountains, Konnen Hills, and Last Valley

Pierrot Desert
The land is a baked earth desert with little to no rain fall between the Pallas Mountains and the Pierrot Hills. Due to the hot dry weather and brick hard earth, its only long term residents are salamanders and fire hawks. There are legends of wizards creating springs in the center of the desert to build great towers around but most people believe these to be children’s tales.

Pierrot Hills
The hills get more rainfall the the desert but are still pretty dry. The local vegetation including olive, Myrrh and frankincense trees make farming well worth the unfavorable climate. The people who live there are very hospitable treating guests like princes. Occasionally, a salamander or fire hawk will roam into these hills from its desert home.

Pallas Mountains
The high sharp mountains of the Pallas range divide southern Kadur in from the wilds beyond. The light forest that fills its valleys has hardly been touched by man. Due to the many anakiim, few people make them their home. There are however six Golden Knights garrison on the western slope protecting the more civilized lands.

Omega Lab
One of the most intact Gnostic labs. It was used to produce anakiim and other abominations in ancient times. Above ground only the shell of the building is left intact though damaged. However rumor holds that the basements still hold many treasures including working automata.

Last Valley
The Last Valley is a lightly forested strip of land. In the north, there are a few small farming settlements as people expand into it from the southern edge of Milkama forest. The south is ripe with anakiim. Rumor speculates that the Am-Hamiyam have their home some where to to the south of the Last Valley.

Konnen Hills
These forested hills are full of all sorts of monsters such as shape changers, shambling mounds, and giant insects. Not even the Golden Knights go in there except in full force wielding torches. Even that is rare since it is by far easier to contain them in the forest then to try to kill them all.

The city’s adobe buildings come in a rainbow of earth tones. Most of the buildings have a flat topped roof that serves as an additional room. The wealthy have small gardens up there complete with fountains. Windows are covered with latices made of wire, gold if one can afford it. Theft is rare since most thieves fear the many wizards of the city. Water is seen as a symbol of wealth and life. Magic is common in the city due to the mages college.

Kakma Temple
The temple itself is small as temples go. The sides of the building are striated in different earth tones creating almost a rainbow. Inside at its center, is an ever burning flame with no fuel to sustain it. It is said that those destined to be great mages will be relieved by that flame. Outside the temple is surrounded by two courts. The inner court has written upon it the ethics of magic as written in the Horat. On the outer court wall are written all the names of those wizards who have died protecting Kadur from the banes.

Imperial Wizzard’s College
The college is its own gated quarter of the city filled with impressive abode buildings. The campus feels very charged like the air before a thunderstorm. As one of the two major magic schools, a perspective student must either be recommend by an alumni, an uncommon thing, or pass the entrance exam on the summer solstice. Only about one in five applicants make it. The college gives a certification exam to become a fully licensed wizard of several different grades each spring equinox. The school accepts all the major races and a sizable number of the faculty and students are Orave.


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