City of Scholars (water)

Including Ama Lack and South Prairie

Lake Ama
This deep lack is an out let for the Zayin River and empties into the Thesa River. Due to it’s location it sees many trade barges pass through it. The lake is surprisingly deep. And according to a few wizards who have made it to the lake bottom, there is an ancient city beneath it’s calm waters. Living in the lake are several communities of Mermaids. While there is much debate as to how these creatures should be classified (humanoid, Fae, or Annakim), they are civilized and engage in trade and treaties. However they do with some frequency raid barges and nearby villages. Ama lake also contains a colony of seals which are sacred to the Mermaids. The local population takes advantage of the numerous fish in the lack. They are a quiet relaxed people.

South Prairie
While cartographers and local residents see the area as a distinct geographical entity, it is really a continuation of a plain running from the Hollowed Mountains to the Thalassan Sea. The whole area is dotted with mass graves from the First Gehinnon War. Due to the many walking dead, the land is mostly unused . Those who choose to make their home here, live in villages close to well traveled roads and rivers. The people here are a solemn bunch most driven into the South Prairie due to necessity not choice. This is especially true of the Zaar migrating into the area.

Saint Rannith’s Monastery
This beautiful compound full of graceful colonnaded walks represents the second largest monestary for the Brothers of the Dead. These men and women work tirelessly to ease the suffering of the dead and to try to stop the undead. Despite their grim tasks, the Brothers are a cheerful helpful lot.

Built on a series of islands in the delta of the Zayin river, the city of Binah is a riot of architectural styles. Each of the many islands has its own distinctive style. The whole city is connected together by over a hundred bridges of every type imaginable: frome simple brick to fantastic glass. The city is one of the most free thinking in the Empire. The people value free thought and question doctine. Becuase of its tolerant spirit, the city has a large Shar’ot quarter. And one of the smaller islands has a community of Orave.

The Great Scriptorium
In the heart of the city stands the scriptorium. It is the largest building in the city. Within the large rooms are long tables with great scrolls representing the Horat and other important writings. Elite scribes spend their days working hard to provide accurate copies for the people of the Empire.

Binah Temple
Approximately two miles from the city, Binah temple is a great white marble square. An underground spring provides water for a cup shaped fountain at the temples heart. Floating in the cascading water is a scintillating ball said to pass on knowledge to those worthy of it. In the outer corridors are niches contain the artifacts and portraits of all the scholar saints.

Saint Brigit’s Seminary
Saint Brigit’s is the largest seminary in the Empire. It is known for its scholastic and debates. While novices are expected to sit quietly as their teachers lecture, more advanced students actively debate with their teachers. Every aspect of life is examined in the light of the Horat. Many outsiders complain that the ideas put forth by Binah’s scholars are not grounded in the real world.

Speaker’s Park
Once the main market place, this large square has been turned into a forum for airing ideas. Any person may come and speak his mind even if what he says is blaspheme. Debate and criticism is allowed. However harassment is strictly forbidden.


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