And the men of the land were haughty and vain. They had no fear of the Primus. And so they said to one another, “Let us go to heaven and challenge the Primus that we might be gods”

And they built great automata without any concern for the good land. They encouraged unnatural pairings creating the abominations. And with these things they stormed heaven. The battle was fierce. Many died – not only the haughty men but also the innocents of this world. Even so the haughty men would not be discouraged from their awful course. And so they unleashed their most dire weapon upon the Primus and his legions. But they could not control it and it destroyed them completely. Nothing of them remained.

The great weapon also dealt the Primus a mortal blow. But the Primus can never be truly destroyed. He became separate into his ten attributes. And each of his ten great angels gathered up one of his attributes. These they placed in the kesser to await the reconciliation when man has repaired the wrongs he has done.

The great weapon’s devastation did not end there. Its energies assaulted the great veil that separates the worlds. It warped and twisted the veil. So that it caused Gehinnon to no longer be separated from this world.

And so the great banes of Gehinnon came to this world. led by the mighty white dragon, Kiskil-Uddakara. They destroyed what was left of the cities of the haughty men. And they rounded up those who were left as if they were cattle – men women and children – the sick and the healthy – the young and the old. None was spared from the banes.

And the angels tried to fix the veil. But they had neither the wisdom or the power of the primas. They made the veil so it blocked the dead from going to Gehinnon. And so they returned to their bodies and walked with the living. All was chaos.

Land of Angels and Demons